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Review: “The Horse” by Wendy Williams

       An extraordinary story of the horse through its fifty-six million year journey as one of our great companions.  The author, a recognized authority, gives us a new picture of today’s horses in terms of their relationship to us, their intelligence, sociability and loyalty.
       Horses have a story to tell, one of resilience, sociability, and intelligence, and of partnership with human beings. In The Horse, the journalist and equestrienne Wendy Williams brings that story brilliantly to life.  The ability of horses to adapt to changing ecosystems over millions of years, according to Williams, is why they represent one of the major evolutionary triumphs.   Breakthroughs in paleontology in recent years have suggested that horses may have originated here in America, not on other continents, as previously believed.  The author travels all over the world to talk with experts and reveals to us in clear, and endearing detail, the personality of these magnificent creatures.
       The process of removing animals from captive situations and returning them to the wild–sometimes called “rewilding“–is covered by Williams with a poignant tale of the Przewalski horse, who, after many trials, is successfully returned to its native lands in a protected park in Mongolia.  Other equally dramatic stories by Williams highlight this fascinating history.
                                                                                     -John Doyle, proprietor
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