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A Holiday Gift Guide (Fiction)

Recommendations written by Anne-Marie, Matthew, Charlie and Thomas.

the goldfinch donna tarttThe Goldfinch by Donna Tartt  The Goldfinch is the critical and commercial hit of the Fall.  It’s an engrossing, capacious coming-of-age novel that takes on both our relationship to enduring art and the seedy transience of Las Vegas.






someone alice mcdermottSomeone by Alice McDermott  Someone chronicles one woman’s seemingly uneventful yet completely particular life from 1920’s Brooklyn girlhood to 1970’s Long Island widowhood through moments illuminated by McDermott’s beautifully realized style.  McDermott, through her close attention, makes the specific and local feel poignantly universal.






butterfield 8BUtterfild 8 by John O’Hara  An elegant new hardcover edition of John O’Hara’s novel about the entanglement between a businessman and a call girl in Prohibition New York. The book remains a classic of hardboiled social reportage.  (And, of course, the telephone exchange is our very own 288.)






collected.stories.of.stefan.zweigThe Collected Stories of Stefan ZweigA handsome new volume collecting the unforgettable stories of the the writer who, better than any other, captured the melancholy elegance and brittle romanticism of the European fin-de-siecle.






hand drying in americaHand-Drying in America and Other Stories by Ben Katchor  The graphic vignettes in cartoonist Ben Katchor’s first full-color collection consider and delightfully skew urban life’s most minute, familiar details. Light switches are redesigned to make the sound of a foghorn rather than a mundane click; lonely city-dwellers purchase bright reflective vests to draw attention to themselves in the crowd. These imaginative, beautifully illustrated stories compel readers to encounter the quotidian with a renewed sense of wonder.




we are all completely beside ourselvesWe Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler  This dark and curious cautionary tale delves into the fateful reprecussions of one family’s loss.  Told from the point of view of the youngest daughter, it is poignant, clever and funny at times.  Well-reviewed and beloved by Ann Patchett, this worthy novel has flown slightly under the radar.






the circle eggersThe Circle by Dave Eggers  In this novel, 24 year-old Mae Holland begins work at The Circle, an amalgam of Google/Facebook/Twitter, and takes on the tech utopia or distopia, depending on your point of view.  This fast-paced novel will appeal to Luddites and techies alike.



Abigail lives in Brooklyn. She is mildly lactose intolerant.

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