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Review- 10:04 by Ben Lerner


Ben Lerner’s 10:04 is both a metafictional and a philosophical novel closely based (it would seem) on the author’s own life, which is to say that the whole thing sounds like a penance to read.  It isn’t.  It’s a book

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Schottenfreude — A recommended stocking stuffer


The miscellaneously fecund Ben Schott (creator of Schott’s Miscellany) has dived into the German language and come out the other end with Schottenfreude : German Words for the Human Condition.  Making use of the German language’s compounding capacity, Schott confects

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Phantoms on the Bookshelves: A Calling To Build Your Own Personal Library


Some books immediately demand our attention.  Some occupy hours of our lives. Some carry us along, while others we do battle with.  And, then, there are those books that walk beside us for a short stroll, providing a bright conversational

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Slightly Foxed Quarterly

Upcoming Spring 2014 issue of Slightly Foxed.

A tantalizing English journal recently arrived at Crawford Doyle.  Slightly Foxed describes itself as a selection of essays about “books that…excited, fascinated or influenced our contributors, and to which they return for pleasure, comfort or escape.” Published quarterly, each volume consists

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"A wonderful establishment, with a splendid staff. This place helps redeem the Upper East Side of New York. Every reader in the area should make it a home away from home."

–Stephen Koch, Author and Former Chairman of the MFA Graduate Writing Program at Columbia

"A veritable book lover’s paradise"

– New York Social Diary

“Crawford Doyle is that rarity: a gorgeous store with the nuanced selection and incredible staff to back it up. They set a new benchmark for what a bookstore can be and do.”

– Dustin Kurtz, Marketing Manager at Melville House